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Inspired by the ocean

Bob Bohannon - artist/carver

Thank you for your interest in Seashore Carvings. I’m Bob Bohannon, artist/carver.

2019 was another year of growth:  in the complexities of requests for custom carvings that I hadn't done before and in the response of visitors/collectors at my shows. It always feels like a reunion - catching up with them on what's been going on since the last get-together, hearing feedback on my latest work, listening to their ideas for new carvings. An upbeat experience! 

My business name is my inspiration: the life and energy in and around the ocean. I'm often asked about the steps I go through from start-to-finish. It's a multi-step process and time-intensive.

I start by sketching the design in its size and proportions. I've found that anything I can sketch, I can carve. I then select the wood species - reclaiming whenever possible from the sawmills and lumberyards I purchase from - and in the preferred size. Since I like carving in 3-D, the depth of the wood can be from 2 inches to 8-10 inches. I use a few hand and power tools and a unique small circular chainsaw. I then apply up to 9 acrylic and 5 stain colors with my 
'water-fusing' and 'torch-painting' techniques. These result in every piece having the appearance of double and triple the number of colors when seen from different angles - like the way sunlight splits into many colors when passing through a prism. I apply a special high-gloss finish that highlights each carving detail while providing maximum moisture and UV protection for outdoor or indoor display. 

Please Note: 
With the coronavirus pandemic, this year's shows have had to cancel. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this deadly virus. Prayerfully 2021 will see a return to some sense of normalcy and we can once again meet up at the shows. In the meantime, I'm available to carve custom orders so please feel free to let me know of a special custom piece you're interested in or one from my Gallery. I ship UPS insured all over the USA and would like to make a special piece for you, a loved one or a friend. 

January - March  
       I've got a busy start to the year with several custom carvings in the works plus preparing   
       for upcoming shows with new and unique designs.

           4-5  Gloucester Daffodil Festival - Gloucester, Virginia  
                  Daffodil Festival cancelled due to coronavirus        
            18  East Beach Art Show - East Beach, Norfolk, Virginia
                  East Beach Show cancelled due to the coronavirus 
            26  Art on the Square
- Williamsburg, Virginia
                  Art on the Square cancelled due to coronavirus 
       16-17  Stockley Gardens Spring Arts Festival - Ghent: Norfolk, Virginia
                  Stockley Gardens cancelled due to coronavirus 
       30-31  Art in the Middle - Middle Peninsula: Hewick Plantation, Urbanna, Virginia
Art in the Middle cancelled due to coronavirus..
              6  Bethany Beach Seaside Craft Show - Bethany Beach, Delaware
                  Bethany Beach cancelled due to coronavirus 
       27-28  Sea Glass and Coastal Arts Festival - Lewes, Delaware
                  Sea Glass cancelled due to the coronavirus 
              4  St. Peter's Art Show - Lewes, Delaware
                  St. Peter's cancelled due to the coronavirus 
Hatteras Art Guild Arts & Crafts Show - Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks NC
                  Hatteras Art Show cancelled due to the coronavirus 

           8-9  Spotsy Art Festival - Montross, Virginia
                  Spotsy cancelled due to the coronavirus 
       29-30  Seawall Art Show - Olde Towne Portsmouth, Virginia

                  Seawall cancelled due to the coronavirus 
            12  Bethany Beach Boardwalk Arts Festival - Bethany Beach, Delaware
                  Bethany Beach cancelled due to the coronavirus 
       25-27  Neptune Festival - Virginia Beach Boardwalk
                  Neptune cancelled due to the coronavirus 
       10-11  Port Warwick Art and Sculpture Festival - Newport News, Virginia
                  Port Warwick cancelled due to the coronavirus 
       17-18  Autumn With Topsail Art Festival - North Topsail Beach, NC
                  AWT cancelled due to the coronavirus 
           6-8  Bodacious Christmas Art Show - Hampton, Virginia
                  Bodacious show cancelled due to the coronavirus 
       27-28  Cape Hatteras Christmas Art Show - Buxton, Outer Banks NC
                  Cape Hatteras Show cancelled due to the coronavirus 
          4-6   Holiday Arts & Crafts Show - Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Also on this year's schedule is my new website. It's about 70% complete and should be ready in October. It's being updated to be easier to navigate plus being more accessible on your cell phone. In addition you'll be able to order your favorite carvings online - custom made for you. Until then, if there's a carving in my Gallery you're interested in, or have a special request, please email me at or text me at 757-416-4760. With Christmas coming, I'll be creating my 4th annual Santa and will add it to the other new carvings displayed in my Gallery and available to order. They sell out every year so I'll be carving more this year.

Carving is a gift I've been blessed with and enjoy sharing. That's why when you select one of my carvings, it's the highest compliment I can receive:  when my art becomes yours.

Stay healthy and safe -

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