Seashore Carvings                

Inspired by the ocean

Bob Bohannon - artist/carver


Thank you for your interest in Seashore Carvings. I’m Bob Bohannon, artist/carver.

2017 was an incredible year! It was great to meet so many of you at the 25 shows from Maryland to South Carolina. And a bonus was renewing friendships with those of you who have given new homes to m
y carvings and placed orders for custom designs. I love these challenges! They help me develop my art/carving techniques to new levels that I use in my new carvings. Thank you all! 

My inspiration comes from the life and energy in and around the ocean. Hand-crafting makes every piece unique. My carvings are from a wide variety of wood species and range in size from 12 " up to whatever size you'd like. I like to carve in 3-D, with deeper wood dimensions,creating the life-like contours and proportions to bring each piece to life. I use a few hand chisels, power tools and a unique circular chainsaw to accomplish this. I then apply up to 9 acrylic and 4 stain colors from nature's color palette with my 'water-fusing' and 'flame-painting' techniques. These result in every piece having the appearance of double and triple the number of colors when seen from different angles - like the way that light splits into many colors when passing through a prism. Each is finished in a high UV protective/marine-quality sealer for maximum protection while highlighting its features for indoor/outdoor display.  

Carving is a gift I've been blessed with and enjoy sharing. That's why when you select one of my carvings, it's the highest compliment I can receive:  when my art becomes yours.

2018  will be another busy year. With the increase in custom carvings plus displays in the new "Absolutely Outer Banks" gift shop in Kitty Hawk, NC, I'm reducing the number of shows to 15. Here's what's scheduled:
January & February  
       A busy start to the year with orders for several custom carvings, creating pieces for the
       shops plus getting ready for the upcoming 'show season'.
      24-25  Gloucester Daffodil Festival - Gloucester, Virginia
           21  East Beach Arts & Crafts Show - Norfolk, Virginia 
      26-28  Steel Pier Surf & Art Expo - Virginia Beach Boardwalk
           23  Chic's Beach Art Show - Virginia Beach
             7  St. Peter's Art Show - Lewes, Delaware
  14  The Lewes Historical Society's Summer Craft Fair - Lewes, Delaware    
   2-3  Hatteras Art Guild Arts & Crafts Show - Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks NC
      11-12  Spotsy Art Festival - Monross, Virginia
      25-26  Art's Alive - Ocean City, Maryland
             8  Bethany Beach Boardwalk Arts Festival - Bethany Beach, Delaware 
      28-30  Neptune Festival - Virginia Beach
      20-21  Autumn With Topsail Art Festival - North Topsail Beach, NC
        9-11  Bodacious Christmas Art Show - Hampton, Virginia
      22-23  Cape Hatteras Christmas Art Show - Outer Banks NC
           30  Holiday Arts & Crafts Show - Fredericksburg, Virginia
          1-2  Holiday Arts & Crafts Show - Fredericksburg, Virginia 

As I create new carvings they'll be added to my Gallery. So stop by to see them plus updates to my schedule. Hope to see you at one of my shows!

All the best - Bob

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